Introduction: In a poster market dominated by a single entity offering a limited selection of 10,000 visuals, mostly created by dedicated artists, the scope for diversity is undeniably constrained. The emergence of AI-generated images presents a transformative opportunity, breaking down barriers and enabling everyone, regardless of artistic proficiency, to adorn their spaces with unique creativity.

Innovation in Material and Installation: Our proposition introduces an innovative approach, starting with recycled metal plates. These plates are not only environmentally conscious but are also designed to be magnetic and easily wall-mounted using magnetic adhesive. This ensures a hassle-free installation on any flat surface, providing the flexibility to swiftly interchange visuals according to one’s ever-changing preferences.

Unleashing Infinite Possibilities: Currently capable of generating over 35,000 images daily, spanning across 50 diverse categories, our vision is to expand this repertoire to over 100 categories upon successful implementation. This ambitious venture seeks to redefine interior design, ushering in a new era of possibilities that transcends the limitations of current offerings. We firmly believe in the revolutionary potential of this concept.

Overcoming Industry Limitations: In contrast to other digital visual art providers hampered by production constraints and restricted content diversification, our approach harnesses the power of image-generating AIs. This breakthrough allows us to produce an inexhaustible array of visuals in various styles, offering unparalleled quantity and limitless diversity.

The FrenchIArt Vision: FrenchIArt aims to revolutionize the digital art market, infusing it with the spirit of French innovation and revolution. It is our firm belief that a change is overdue, and the market demands a fresh perspective.

Affordability for All: Addressing the current market scenario, it’s crucial to highlight the exorbitant prices prevalent in the industry, with A3-type metal plates reaching up to $50 at our primary competitor, inclusive of shipping costs. While some argue these high prices are warranted to compensate artists fairly, having been a former artist on such a platform, I can attest that a mere 2% commission does not justify the inflated costs, especially when considering the relatively low manufacturing expenses. To put it into perspective, taking 2% of $40 results in a mere $0.80 after accounting for shipping costs.

FrenchIArt strives to democratize art, making it accessible to all while redefining the very economics of the industry. Join us on this journey as we pave the way for a revolution in digital art and interior design.

Header visual frenchiart metal plate poster not displate
Header visual frenchiart metal plate poster not displate